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  • Marcuss

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  • Blakus

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Thread: Experience Draft - Poll

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    Experience Draft - Poll

    The concept :
    I've just had another new idea for a test match draft with players being eligible for different rounds based on the number of test matches that they have played over the course of their careers. Their will be 11 rounds with the teams being put to a forum vote and possibly a sim.


    1. 1-10 tests
    2. 11-20 tests
    3. 21-30 tests
    4. 31-40 tests
    5. 41-50 tests
    6. 51-60 tests
    7. 61-70 tests
    8. 71-80 tests
    9. 81-100 tests
    10. 101-120 tests
    11. 121+ tests
    The Teams :
    Grounds in itallics

    1. Andrew Strauss
    2. Michael Hussey (Wk)
    3. Kumar Duleepsinhji
    4. George Headley
    5. Tip Foster
    6. Yuvraj Singh (Damn)
    7. Shaun Pollock
    8. Richard Hadlee
    9. Shane Warne (C)
    10. Jason Gillespie
    11. Joel Garner
    Auckland, NZ

    1. Jack Hobbs
    2. Hanif Mohammad
    3. Archie Jackson
    4. Stan McCabe
    5. Viv Richards
    6. Adam Gilchrist
    7. Ian Botham
    8. Andrew Flintoff
    9. Harold Larwood
    10. Jim Laker
    11. Ted MacDonald
    Old Trafford circa 1956 - 1990, UK

    1. Sid Barnes
    2. Geoff Boycott
    3. Wally Hammond
    4. Jacques Kallis
    5. Douglas Jardine*
    6. Mushtaq Mohammad
    7. Les Ames+
    8. Richie Benaud
    9. Fazal Mahmood
    10. Allan Donald
    11. JJ Ferris
    Johannesburg, SA

    1.Herbert Sutcliffe
    2.Matthew Hayden
    3.Denis Compton
    4.Sachin Tendulkar
    5.Martin Donnelly
    6.Andy Flower+
    7.Aubrey Faulkner*
    8.Malcolm Marshall
    9.Andy Roberts
    10.Frederick Spofforth
    11.Dale Steyn
    Gabba, Aus

    1. Conrad Hunte
    2. Bill Ponsford
    3. Don Bradman (*)
    4. Neil Harvey
    5. Garfield Sobers
    6. Clive Lloyd
    7. Billy Murdoch (+)
    8. Clarrie Grimmett
    9. Fred Trueman
    10. Jack Cowie
    11. Glen McGrath
    Headingly, Leeds, England

    1 Stewie Dempster
    2 Sunil Gavaskar
    3 Charles Macartney
    4 Graeme Pollock
    5 Kevin Pietersen
    6 Doug Walters
    7 Ian Healy
    8 Alan Davidson
    9 Curtly Ambrose
    10 George Lohmann
    11 Bishen Bedi
    St George's Park Port Elizabeth, South Africa

    Noble One
    1. V Trumper
    2. B Woodfull
    3. B Richards
    4. M Crowe
    5. S Waugh C
    6. M Jayawardene
    7. J Dujon WK
    8. R Lindwall
    9. M Holding
    10. F de Villiers
    11. B O'Reilly
    MCG, Aus

    1. Arthur Morris
    2. Len Hutton
    3. Brian Lara
    4. Kumar Sangakkara (wk)
    5. Inzamam Al Huq
    6. Ted Dexter
    7. Keith Miller (c)
    8. Maurice Tate
    9. Frank Tyson
    10.Colin Croft
    11.Jack Iverson
    WACA, Aus

    Agent TBY
    1) Merchant
    2) Greenidge
    3) Abbas
    4) Weekes
    5) Worrell (*)
    6) Imran Khan
    7) Dhoni (+)
    8) Kumble
    9) Lillee
    10) Bond
    11) Barnes
    Lords, England

    The Sean
    WG Grace (c)
    Bob Simpson
    Clyde Walcott
    Greg Chappell
    Rohan Kanhai
    Mike Procter
    Wasim Akram
    Jack Blackham
    Alec Bedser
    Charles Turner
    Muttiah Muralitharan
    Trent Bridge, Nottingham, England

    Cast your votes!
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    School Boy/Girl Cricketer Luffers's Avatar
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    This is so difficult to pick!

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    Hall of Fame Member Marcuss's Avatar
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    Could a moderator edit the poll and remove the rogue "e" on the end of Sean's name please?

    Could you also correct the spelling of Michael's name? Merci
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    Michaelf7777777 Got the (8th) best batsman and (undisputed by the sane of mind) best bowler and (arguably, not my personal opinion) best all rounder of all time in the same team.

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    Hall of Fame Member Marcuss's Avatar
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    I love the balance of my side, just think it's difficult to look past Michael's in terms of quality though.

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    Yeah cannot beat Michael's, got all the best picks.

    Happy with my side though.

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    State Vice-Captain Blakus's Avatar
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    I can see Michael sweeping this. 2 of Seans top 3 and quality every else.

    However I'm going to vote for Fredfertang as his team is the one I'd most want to watch. Style, class and entertainment in every department.

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    Michael, Blakus and Fredfertang for mine. Maybe too many Poms in Fred's for my liking.

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    Voted for Blakus but fredfertang's is my fav.
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    Bradman,Sobers, McGrath > what you can pick..
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    International Vice-Captain Noble One's Avatar
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    Michael the standout choice.

    I reckon my team lacked a true superstar like a Bradman to make voters show interest.

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    Hard to go past any side with Sobers and Bradman in it, but you have to love Blakus's bowling attack & his batting v strong too. Faulkner a good batsman to be coming in at seven.
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    Quote Originally Posted by honestbharani View Post
    Bradman,Sobers, McGrath > what you can pick..
    This. Especially when the rest of the side contains guys like Trueman, Grimmett, Ponsford, Neil Harvey and Hunte. Awesome balance and awesome talent.
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    School Boy/Girl Cricketer
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    Voted for Michael.
    Would love to see the draft order. Cant understand how someone can grab all 3 of Sobers, Bradman and McGrath.

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    He was first in the rounds they were available in for Sobers and Bradman
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