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Why Mayank Yadav’s Sensational Bowling Pace Is Turning Heads at the 2024 IPL

Fresh and blazing talent in cricket is always exciting. The Indian Premier League has brought us yet another young fast bowler. Mayank Yadav has been grabbing every cricket fan’s attention and has sparked a huge debate. 

The Delhi-born player has presented impressive fast bowling skills. Although there are many incredible fast bowlers from India, this one’s consistency and ability to deliver straight bowls without compromising pace have impressed everyone.

Should his career be fast-tracked into the national team, or is it best to let him gain more experience within the IPL? Unlike Pakistan, India is more conservative and likes to preserve and nurture its players’ talents before exposing them to the World Cup. 

So, what excites fans about Yadav so much that they’re having all these discussions? He has caught the attention of many fans and experts globally and we could potentially see him among Ravi Shastri’s picks on in the future. He has already given us a glimpse into his potential and what the future may hold. This article examines this young bowler’s cricket career history, bowling skills and possible future moves.

Mayank Yadav: How He Got to IPL’s Lucknow Super Giants

Before we get to his current blazing bowling moves, let’s get to know this young player a little better. Mayank Prabhu Yadav was born on the 17th of June 2002 in New Delhi. He’s a right-hand batter but is currently shining for his right-arm fast bowling skills. 

His excellent cricket skills were recognised when his father enrolled him in the Sonnet Cricket Club. He probably saw potential in his son and that he’d make it into top picks and news articles because of cricket. The former Uttar Pradesh coach was mesmerised by the 21-year-old player’s pace and took it upon himself to ensure he signed into the LSG.

Before the Sonnet Cricket Club, his father had taken him to another Club in West Delhi. However, the star’s father wasn’t impressed with the treatment his son got. They didn’t include him or encourage him to participate.

Naturally, he was signed by Delhi Capitals, currently his domestic team, for which he has played two List A matches in December 2021 and 2023. Lucknow Super Giants also recognised his talents and approached him. 

The Giants bought Yadav for two million rupees, his basic price, in the IPL auction in 2022. LSG is the team he currently plays for in the IPL. His debut match in the 2024 IPL under LSG was on the 30th of March against Punjab Kings. His recorded speed for this match was 155.8 kph. 

This speed improved in his second match, and Yadav made history by becoming the first to win Player-of-the-Match awards in his first two matches.

Mayank Yadav Wins Before IPL

Like most passionate cricket players, Yadav’s aim has always been to end up in the T20 World Cup and represent India. His performance has shown that he’s going far even before the IPL. He played for the CK Nayudu Trophy in domestic cricket and picked 15 wickets in only six matches.

His most remarkable performance under this Trophy was in a match against Chhattisgarh. He scored 66 runs and took five wickets. The young player also participated in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. 

His consistency resulted in an excellent economy rate of 6.5. This was over four matches, during which he picked up five wickets. His sensational bowling skills also brightened his spot in the Vijay Hazare Trophy. He took six wickets in five matches.

He improved in the 2023 Deodhar Trophy. Playing five matches in the North Zone, he had a below-six economy rate and 12 wickets. 

Mayank Radav’s Record in Domestic Cricket:

FormatAverageEconomy RateInningsWickets
First Class232.712
List A21.65.41734

His Remarkably Thunderous Deliveries

The last time a young player created a stir of excitement within the Indian cricket crowd was in 2021. This was when Umrak Malik, another fast right-arm bowler, made it into the IPL and stole many fans’ hearts while enhancing his cricket career. A few matches into the 2024 IPL, Yadav is doing the same and even more, as he’s already been recognised as the Player-of-the-Match in his first two matches.

There’s something about Yadav’s bowling pace that just leaves you wide-eyed. He’s worth watching and a player worth picking when betting on cricket  on platforms like Stake Sportsbook. In his debut match, he bowled at 155.8 km/h, which improved to 156.7 km/h in his second match. Besides being the winning man of the game in both instances, he beat his own and IPL’s top score into the season.

In the two matches, he took six wickets for 41 runs. His outstanding performance earned him the appreciation and praise of many people, including his idol, Dale Steyn. The icon praised Yadav’s ball pace and thrilling gameplay on a social media post. 

Potential Selection to T20 World Cup

After Mayank Yadav’s remarkable two matches, some veteran and former cricket players, like Tom Moody, have projected that he’ll make the national team and play in the upcoming season of the T20 World Cup. This is mainly because of the young player’s topping 150 km/h consistency.

Of course, speed alone can’t guarantee him a spot or survival in the World Cup. However, Yadav has shown overall quality deliveries. Besides pace, he has control and varied lengths and keeps batters under pressure. 

His IPL performance is so good that he hasn’t been penalised or bowled an extra. Yadav’s straight bowls are clean and don’t affect his pace. Plus, that’s how he keeps bettors of opposing teams on their feet at every match.

He’s already faced some of the best fast bowlers in cricket and succeeded. Among these experienced players is Punjab’s Jonny Bairstow, whom he cornered with a hot pull shot. He also came in strong against Bangalore’s Glenn Maxwell and Australia’s Cameron Green.

He’s been compared to Shaun Tait and Malik. However, unlike these two players, Yadav is fighting and overpowering the stereotype that fast bowling makes it hard to maintain control. 

His Unique Player Abilities

Mayank Yadav’s consistency in ensuring remarkable performances in his various matches derives from his ability to push himself. He also has robust and high-arm action, allowing him to dismiss batsmen easily. By putting pressure on the batters, he doesn’t have to spray the ball for speed, like most fast bowlers do.

His father passed his love for cricket and fast bowling onto him. He took his son to the junior cricket clubs of Delhi to see him fulfil his dream of being signed by the national team. Although his father passed on, the 21-year-old’s dream is much closer to fulfilment now that he’s in the IPL. Mayank is a versatile bowler who can do bouncing, deceptive and slower balls. 

Threat of Injury

The disadvantage of being a cricket player or any other sport is the threat of injury. We always hope the best players representing the squad aren’t injured before big matches. This is significantly more so in the case of Yadav because he’s a new player, and others have yet to witness his thrilling bowls live.

Unfortunately, in his third IPL match against Gujarat Titans, the 21-year-old had to exit the field because of a side strain. This was after a fast 140 km/h bowl. Although this was below his 150 km/h toppings, it was still quite impressive.

The Delhi player has experienced an injury like this before, hence missing the IPL last year. However, most of his teammates said this wasn’t a severe injury. There’s hope for the player to recover and get back on the field in upcoming matches.

Of course, he’ll have to keep fit and be extra careful when bowling. Keeping fit and practising will help him maintain his over 150 km/h fast bowling. 

So far, it’s been reported that he’s suffered a minor swelling at the top of his hip. Although he’s expected to recover quickly, LSG leader KL Rahul reported that they’ll ensure he recovers fully before returning to the field. 

Yadav has already missed matches on the 12th and 14th of April against Delhi Capitals and Kolkata Knight Riders. Both DC and KKR won by six and eight wickets, respectively. 

Other 150 km/h India Fast Bowlers

Mayank has had many other fast bowlers pave the way for him in India. He had to see the skill somewhere before practising it and embodying it like a pro. Some remarkable players who have had cricket fans react similarly to their fast bowling skills include Varun Aron, Umesh Yadav, and Umran Malik.

In fact, Umran Malik still holds the record as the fastest bowler in India. He achieved this in the 2022 IPL when he bowled a ball of 157 km/h in a match against DC. Can Mayank Yadav beat this fast bowling speed record? Only time will tell, but he does have the potential.

Umran is also a young player who debuted in the IPL and T20 in 2021. His recognition for his remarkable over 150 km/h bowls began in a 2021 Premier League match between SRH and RCB. Malik maintained the same speed in five straight deliveries.

Other top fast bowlers in India include:

  • Javagal Srinath was the fastest pacer in the 1990s. In 1997, he delivered a 157 km/h ball in a match against South Africa.
  • Mohammed Shami is a right-arm fast pacer from Bengal. In a match against Australia, he delivered a fastball at 153.3 km/h.
  • Jasprit Bumrah was another fast bowler who delivered fastballs above 150 km/h. His highest score was a 153.26 km/h ball in an international game against Australia.
  • Navdeep Saini is a young player who achieved his highest fast-paced bowling in his debut match in the T20 Championship. He was playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore, his IPL team, in 2019. The ball went off at 152.85 km/h. 
  • Ishant Sharma bowled at a speed of 152.6 km/h in a One-Day International game against Australia in 2008, which, at the time, was considered the fastest bowl by an Indian player. 

These records show the shoulders Yadav stepped on and drew inspiration from to enhance his fast-bowling skills. They also show India’s rich cricket history and love for the sport. Plus, they show how unique each player is, even if their remarkable performances take us back to great players who graced screens previously.

Still, Mayank Yadav is a unique talent. His hunger shows his passion for cricket and why people can’t stop talking about him. His coaches from the junior clubs aren’t shocked by how he plays, and he was spotted picking up quality wickets in domestic games before the IPL. 

This shows his consistency, which we hope will endure even when he achieves his long-term goal of making the national team. Existing players can be outshined with so much young talent constantly discovered in India. This is significantly more so when veteran players don’t deliver the kind of performance they had as new players.

Mayank Yadav Has Potential to Play for the Indian National Team

Mayank Yadav is a new and young Indian player who has braced the 2024 IPL with his remarkable fast bowling skills. Additionally, he shows a well-rounded cricket playing. He can deliver lengthy bowls without affecting his pace. Control and keeping opposing bettors on their feet are other flexes for this young man.

Among his cricket skills, his sensational bowling continues to turn heads because of his consistency and ability to stay in control. He stands out even when compared to former and veteran players. Hence, people are already picturing him in the upcoming T20 World Cup. 

This would only happen if his career is fast-tracked and he’s selected to join the national squad. It would also help if he keeps fit and doesn’t suffer severe injuries that keep him from playing. Moreover, his determination will land him in a position where the national team’s leaders can’t ignore his talent.

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