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Which are the Most Profitable Markets For Cricket Betting?

Presumably invented by children, the homeland of cricket is England. Nowadays, cricket is the second most popular sport after soccer. It is a beloved sport in one of the most populous countries in the world – India. Figures show that cricket attracts the attention of over 90% of the sports fans in India. The sport also enjoys great popularity in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Australia.

Cricket’s fanbase amounts to over 2.5 billion people. Considering the massive following cricket has amassed, it only makes sense that it is a preferred sport among bettors. Online bookies did not miss the opportunity to add cricket to their lists of supported sports.

Punters will notice that some online sportsbooks offer a wide range of betting options, and this complete guide about the cricket betting market will provide them with detailed information about all of them. To help rookie cricket fans make informed choices, we compiled a list of the most profitable betting markets.

Match Winner

Many punters opt for betting on the winner of the game. But if the game ends in a tie, your bet is considered void. In other words, the bookie will return your original wager. If you decide to bet on the winner of the game, you should know that the team with the higher paying odds is the underdog (the team expected to lose the game).

Toss Winner

Half an hour before the commencement of a cricket competition, the home captain will flip a coin in the air, and the visiting captain has to select either head or tails. The captain who accurately predicts the result of the toss has the right to decide which will be the first team to bat on the field.

Some cricket fans believe that this is one of the key moments in the game. That is why many bookies accept wagers on the toss winner. Cricket punters have to keep in mind that the result of the flip-a-coin game is based on pure luck, and wagering a lot of money on it is not advisable.

Top Batsman

The top batsman betting market allows punters to predict the player with the most runs in the game. Some bookies offer this betting market under the name Top Runs Scorer. Even though this is one of the most exciting bets, sometimes it is really hard to determine the top batsman, especially when both teams are equally good.

Top Bowler

In cricket, the major actions are batting and bowling. If you are into cricket, you might be interested in betting on the top bowler – the player to take the most wickets. Another name for this betting market is Top Wicket-Taker. The bowler’s performance depends on various factors such as the weather and the country in which the competition takes place.

First Wicket

The first wicket is another fan-favorite betting market. Players have to guess the method of dismissal for the first wicket. The most widespread of them are caught, bowled, stumped, run out, and leg before wicket (LBW). Before betting on the first wicket, punters have to take a close look at the playing patterns of the batsman and the bowler.

Most Sixes

In cricket, a team can score six runs when the batsman hits the ball, and it does not touch the ground before crossing the boundary in the air. Punters have to predict which will be the team to score the most sixes. Sports fans need to understand the tactics each team plans to use to improve their chances of success. 

Man of the Match

Man of the Match is a title given to the player adjudged to have contributed the most to the team in a given match. Usually, a player from the winning team gets the title. In rare cases, the title might go to a player from the losing team. Betting on the Man of the Match is fun, but requires knowledge about the players’ recent performances on the field.

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