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When the result is behind doubt – what other bets can I make?

Cricket is by far the most exciting sports when it comes to betting. The bettors have so many varieties in bets. For a newbie, match betting is the most common form of cricket betting. The idea in match betting is to identify based on the several parameters that who’s going to win the match. The following article covers the most common types of cricket bets that are offered by the betting websites and bookies.

In a certain scenario such as test matches where sometimes we know who’s going to win for sure even before the match ends or a day before the final day. In that case, the match betting doesn’t work because the outcome of the match is obvious. There’s no point of betting on the known result. Even the bookies, like 888 Sports, and the cricket betting websites close the betting market, but only for the ‘Match Betting’.

The other forms of betting are still open in the market such as

Top Batsman: The idea here is to correctly predict who will score the maximum runs at the end of the match, at the end of the innings, top batsman on one side in a match. They are named as Top Home Batsman, Top Away Batsman, Top Series Batsman, and Top Series Batsman.

Top Bowler: Similar to the Top Batsman, one can place the bets for the bowlers for all four categories. Top Home Bowler, Top Away Bowler, Top Match Bowler, and Top Series Bowler.

Batsman Runs: This is an under/over bet. One has to predict the score the batsman is going to score when he comes to the crease to play his innings.

Partnerships: The criteria is to predict which two players will have the maximum runs together when they are batting together. Partnerships can be from any of the two sides.

Methods of Dismissal: While a batsman is still in the crease, one can make a prediction of how he will be declared OUT and can bet on that.

Under/Over Totals: The idea is to predict whether the score will be over or under a certain benchmark set, which increases and decreases sometimes. The under/over can be applied to more parameters such as total wides, total extra scores, total match run-outs, total match boundaries, total match sixes.

Milestones: Here, the bettor has to predict which team player will touch a certain milestone such as half-century, century, 3 wickets, 5 wickets, etc.

The best example to share is the current India v Bangladesh Test Series. It was clear that India is going to win the match. The bookies and the cricket betting websites closed the market for match-winner bets because the time for prediction was over and everybody knew who the clear winner is.

However, the other betting options were still open. People continued betting on the top batsman, top bowler, methods of dismissal, batsman runs, under/over and so on.

So, it is clear that even when the match-winner is known, there are still many options to bet on. That’s why cricket is popular among bettors, bookies, and betting websites as it offers ample options for all to earn handsome money.

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