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What Poker Skills can you Apply to Cricket?

You might assume that these two vastly different games involve completely different skill sets. And while at face value that might be true, there are more skills that both games have – perhaps more than you might realise! 

We know that poker is a sit-down game, and while it is tense and there is a lot of money riding on it – people might not consider it to be highly stressful or take a toll on the body at all. At the same time, cricket players are running from all over the field, batting, catching and a lot more. A more physical game. 

In countries where cricket is popular, like the UK and India, poker seems to rank highly as one of the casino games played too. So perhaps they aren’t that different after all. 

Playing cricket and poker

We’ve covered a little bit about how poker is more of a sit-down game, while cricket players will be more physically active. 

But what might surprise many people is that professional poker players, and even amateurs who play for long hours, need to train for that too. It takes a lot of strain and stamina to make sure that they can be at the top of their game for the duration of the match. 

A lot of the decisions made by both sets of players come down to a strategy and being able to make snap judgements based on the information they have in front of them. Playing either highly aggressively or understanding that holding back slightly will give them an edge later in the game. 

Spotting signs of bluffing, fatigue, or when there is a specific play is about to happen comes down to the player’s ability to read body language. In both games, having a keen eye is of huge benefit and plays a large part in how likely it is that the opponent will make a mistake. 

Traditional games in modern times

Both poker and cricket are more traditional games with histories that date back hundreds of years. It is estimated that poke could be around a thousand years old and was first played with sticks and other trinkets. 

The first reference to cricket is somewhere in 1611, and that is when it moved from a children’s (boys) game to an adult game. Making cricket one of the oldest sports in history – or at least the one that made it into an organised team sport. 

Over the years, both games have evolved, and the rules of cricket and how people play poker have become more refined. So that no matter which of the sports you play and the style or size of the team, there is a set of rules for it. 

Where once only the locals would make it to a cricket match, it is now on live TV so cricket fans can cheer their national or local team on from wherever they are in the world. Poker has also seen a similar type of fame, big poker tournaments were put on TV, and now they are live-streamed on the internet too. 

Perhaps the biggest difference here is that while you can play cricket games on some consoles, you can play poker games online for real cash against other real players. 

What do cricket and poker players have in common?

Both cricket players and poker players have a lot of common traits. 


Cricket players and poker players need to have a high level of endurance. Both mental and physical endurance comes into play. Cricket players might have a string of matches over a few days or months. Poker players are often playing for hours on end every day until the end of the tournament too. 


While we often think of poker players as solo players, there are plenty of examples where poker is a team sport, like the Match Indian Poker League. Teams made up of many skilled players will play as individuals, but they make up a poker team. 

It is their combined efforts that will dictate if they win or lose. 

And we know that cricket is a team sport from start to finish. 


While on the field or sitting at the table, the players will need to be focused and act as foes. But both poker players and cricket players are known for their sportsmanship – understanding that the other team or player, if they win, is usually well deserved. The professionals at the top of the game only keep the competition on the field or at the table. 


Most people aren’t able to tell you the rules of cricket, nor can they tell you the intricacies of playing great poker. It takes years of dedication, learning and training to be in a position to be the best cricket or poker player. 

Almost all of the skills that could be applied to great poker players could be transferred to those who wanted to excel in their cricket. In fact, playing poker could be beneficial to cricket players in more than one way.

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