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What countries is cricket most popular in?

If you wonder how popular cricket is, it is the world’s second most popular sport after football. But though cricket is a popular sport worldwide, it is more popular in some countries than others. Though some people may search the world when looking for betting tips on cricket, you can easily identify where the sport is most popular based on its online searches. Below are some of the top countries where the sport is popular.


Cricket is India’s most popular sport. You will find people playing in the village fields as well as the maidans in the cities. Indian crickets are known for having a good eye and a strong twist, making their national team one of the best in the world. Though the game was introduced in the country in the 18th century, Indians love for the sport has made it part of their culture. The game has also developed very fast, making the country one of the world’s forefront cricketing countries since the 20th century.

Though cricket’s popularity in India has undergone a dramatic decline, the country’s prominence in the sport can be felt worldwide, thanks to the Indian Premier League and a strong national team.


Cricket was introduced in Australia by the crew of a British ship back in 1803. The first match between a team from Australia and one from England was in 1851. A lot more matches happened afterwards. Later in 1877, the first official Test match took part in Melbourne by Australia and England, marking the beginning of the old rivalry between Australia and England in international cricket. Australia participated in the creation of ICC.

Thanks to club, state and national cricket matches, the game is played throughout Australia. Cricket matches in Australia are highly competitive at every level, leading to highly aggressive teams that have dominated international cricket over the years.


Though the Bangladeshi team only won three out of its 68 first Tests, the team has defeated nine countries that had the Test status before it, like their win over England in 2010. Bangladesh’s first Test match was against India in 2000, but its first match in an international cricket tournament was in the 1979 ICC Trophy competition for associate members. The team won the cup and preceded to the World Cup in 1999, winning against their rival, Pakistan, in the group stages. The popularity of cricket in Bangladesh has been on an upward trajectory since it gained Test status.

New Zealand

Though cricket has always been after rugby in popularity among New Zealanders, the game has strong structures. The history of domestic history in New Zealand can be traced back to the 1860 When Auckland and Wellington faced each other in interprovincial match. The country forms its Cricket Council in 1894 and became a full member of the ICC in 1926. Due to its small base of players, the country has always had a challenge defeating teams like Australia and England in Test cricket.

South Africa

Ever since South Africa played its first Test against England in 1899, cricket has been an important part of its sporting culture. The country was a host in the 2003 World Cup and has been a leading exporter of cricketers to England.

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