Vaughan confident despite injury

Michael Vaughan, England’s injured Ashes-winning captain, has said that he believes England can retain the Ashes this winter in Australia without his leadership.

Despite struggling with a knee injury this year, Vaughan has not yet given up hope of participating in the series himself. However, the likeliest outcome is that the Ashes will have finished before Vaughan takes to the field.

“I am determined to get back on a cricket pitch sooner rather than later,” the captain said. “If that is December or January, or if not, I’ve got to be patient.

“But I’m determined to make sure that does happen. I’m training for a number of hours each week to make sure that does happen.

“I’m very confident in whoever leads the team to produce a fantastic winter ahead and make sure we retain the Ashes,” Vaughan said. “There is always a slight worry it will take time to adjust to international cricket but the guys who have come in have done really well.”

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