Vaughan comeback in doubt

English batsman Michael Vaughan’s comeback against New Zealand on Tuesday is in doubt after aggravating his hamstring during a training session on the weekend.

“I felt a little bit of a twinge when I ducked a ball, so we will have to monitor how I wake up tomorrow,” he said.

“I need to make sure that I get through a full net session and fielding session tomorrow … the odd twinge might be something I have to live with so tomorrow will be a real key.”

Vaughan told the media that his sides recent performances were unacceptable and that they would have to lift their game ahead of the World Cup in March or face humiliation.

“It’s crucial that we try to get some momentum. We’ve got to try and get our performances to a better standard to what they are at the minute. You can’t just keep performing to the standard that we have done in the last week or so and expect to say, ‘We’re going to the World Cup in good hands’. That’s nonsense. We have to raise our standard of performance.”

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