Misbah and Pakistan’s search for a hero

Misbah ul Haq

Nothing reflects an average Pakistani’s fascination with heroes better than the position of the Pakistan cricket captain, the man who in the eyes of an average Pakistani stands up to the dysfunctional and archaic institution that is the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and produces scintillating performances on the ground despite the system while their nose at the tools of control — the manager, selection committee, chairman etc. This is why this is the most coveted job in Pakistan cricket.


The Easter another God arose

Virat Kohli

It was Easter, the day Catholics the world over celebrated their messiah who came back to life after being crucified on the cross. March 27th was Easter Sunday and Virat Kohli, who has been crucified for his brashness, cockiness, his actress ex-girlfriend among many other things, rose again. It wasn’t the first time that he […]


Bat to the Future


Bat to the Future – October 21, 2015 may have come and gone with no sign of Marty McFly in a flying De Lorean, but in this piece Dave shows that we can still see the future. And not a flux capacitor in sight.


What Happened Next?

2015 Cricket World Cup Logo

After a build-up that at times seemed as if it would take an eternity, the 2015 Cricket World Cup finally got underway to something of a false start, as New Zealand and Sri Lanka reached the 18-over mark in the opening fixture before realising that the tournament had begun, and they were not in fact […]