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Sports Betting vs Casino Games: Everything You Need to Know

Many people nowadays enjoy sports events by spicing things up with betting. Despite the fact that both casino games and sports betting are both forms of gambling, the two are totally two different things. Both sports betting and casino games have their advantages and disadvantages which might be relative to different players. It is easy to get carried away at times and you might end up losing a great deal of money. 


As a rule of thumb, gamble with money that you can afford to lose! More importantly, set yourself some limits and stick to them. This guide covers everything you need to know about sports betting and casino games.

Money Making Potential

In some cases, casino players have won huge chunks of money and there is no guarantee that you will too since most casino games are purely based on luck as they heavily rely on roulette, lot machines, craps etc. Every casino game features an inbuilt house edge meaning that the probability of making a profit over the long term is zero. Basically, the house edge is their engine for driving revenue and it varies from one game to another. 

Once you have placed a bet at a casino, you have the specific odds of winning the bet and payout for the bet. Usually, the two numbers are almost never the same in a casino game. On average, for every bet you place, the casino wins 5.26%. Some games have a higher house edge while others have a lower house edge. The most you can do to improve your chances of beating the house is by choosing the bet types which offer the best chance of success. The house edge exists in sports betting as well and is factored into the odds given to bettors. The advantageous thing about sports betting is that the application of good betting practice backed up by knowledgeability about your sport of choice is likely to increase your winning chances in the long term.

Winning Chances

Unless playing games like blackjack or poker, most casino games are purely based on luck as stated previously. There’s not much you can do to increase your chance of winning. Would you become a high rolling player, you would get cashback offers, bonuses and exclusive rewards that could go a long way in helping you out. Tilt the odds in your favor especially when playing games with a low house edge such as baccarat and blackjack. Playing progressive jackpot slot games may win you easily since jackpot sums are randomly awarded. However, such games may require one to place maximum bets in order to stand a chance of being awarded the jackpot. On the other hand, sports betting is easier to employ strategies that could increase your chances o f winning. This is because it only involves a fair bit of skill. Firstly, choose a sport that you are knowledgeable about so as to make wise bets. Setting a fixed bankroll, betting strategy and identifying where to get the best ideas is a smart move that you need to consider. To score the big wins, invest in accumulator (parlay) bets unless you are planning on laying down extremely big wagers.

Choice and Variety Differences.


There are huge differences when it comes to the variety of bets between casino betting VS sport betting. For casinos, you can enjoy a large number of games in any land or online based casino. Some of the options are; carps, blackjack, roulette, videopoker, baccarat and Pai Gow poker. On the other hand, sports betting features more variety as it offers a wide range of sports along with different leagues. For instance, football feature dozens of leagues across the world. You may be able to access soccer wager 15-20 different soccer leagues across the world. You may be able to wager 15-20 different soccer leagues at a big sport book.  Categories of wagers you can make include; parlays, prop bets, point spreads, money lines, teasers and live wagers. 

Availability of Bets

This is one of the major differences between casino betting and sports betting. For sport betting, you can only place a bet on your favorite team only when the team is playing. Additionally, it is not available 24/7 making it limited. The games are sometimes a rarity and other times played often. Thus, bettors are usually forced to place bets unless popular matches and leagues which they are not familiar with. Casino betting on the other hand is available any time of the day. Additionally, casino games do not depend on any real-world circumstances. For instance, you can play roulette during the wee hours of the mega casino, and most casino games are purely based on luck.

Ease to get Started


Sports betting requires low amounts of money and even though the game player may not win at first, with time, he masters the game and becomes a better player. Additionally, sports betting does not require any equipment to play. The sports betting app and sports betting sites allows players to play available games from the comfort of their homes, any time of the day. Unlike sports betting, casino games require a fairly large amount   of dollars as the minimum stake required to play any game. This may inconvenience new gamblers who want to try their luck.

Wrap Up

The choice of whether to go with sports betting or casino comes down to your own personal preference and needs. This article highlights  the major differences between sports betting and casino games so as to help you make better and informed decisions.

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