Scots want regular Eng matches

Scotland captain Craig Wright has today advocated a regular home series between his side and the English in a bid to boost cricket in his home country.

“A Scotland v England match would be a massive event and help build the profile of cricket in Scotland,” Wright told the media today.

“I suppose anything between Scotland and England, even tiddlywinks, is a big event but with our status in the one day game now I am sure that would be a great occasion.

“It would certainly pack out Edinburgh or other grounds in Scotland.”

Wright also defended his side’s place in the tournament, saying it would help Scotland improve and ultimately become a competitive international cricket side.

“We have improved because of all the different sides we’ve been playing against over the last two years,” he said.

“I certainly feel we should be here, not just the top associate side but others too, because that gives us something to aspire to.”

Scotland take on Australia this week at Warner Park for the first of their Group A matches.

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