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Players To Watch In The Indian Premier League This Season

The Indian Premier League is one of the most entertaining sporting competitions in the world, and due to that, there are a number of players that fans tune in to see for every game during the season. Over the 12 previous instalments of the competition to date, there have been some of the biggest names in the sport involved in the IPL, and that will be no different this season. But, which players should fans’ be watching in the IPL this season?

Jofra Archer

Jofra Archer’s rise has been well documented, and the talented bowler is one of the stars that fans will be tuning in to watch this season. Archer has made a name for himself as a pace bowler and is easily one of the most entertaining players to watch in the world of cricket.

He will be playing for the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL this season, and they will have an excellent chance of going deep in the playoffs due to the quality that they have in the squad. As well as Archer, the Royals also have Australian Steve Smith, Tom Curran and Jos Butler.

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni is one of the biggest stars in Indian cricket, and there will be a lot of eyes on him throughout the IPL this season. International fans may have seen the last of Dhoni, as he hasn’t appeared for Indian since they were beaten in the semi-final of the World Cup against New Zealand in 2019. However, his pedigree in the IPL ensures that he will be one of the stars to watch for the Chennai Super Kings.

His ODI and T20I stats are impressive, as he has scored 10,773 and 1,617 runs respectively. That form has also continued in the IPL, as he has scored 4,523 runs in 195 games. He will be the main player if the Super Kings are to challenge in the competition this season.

Pat Cummins

There will be eyes on Pat Cummins in the IPL this season, as cricket fans try and determine whether the record-breaking fee paid for the Australian by the Kolkata Knight Riders has been worth it. There will be pressure on Cummins to live up to that fee, but there is no doubting the quality that he brings. No player ranks higher in terms of ICC Test bowling, and it will be interesting to see how he does in the 20-over game as he is often rested for the national team fixtures.

However, the Knight Riders will be aware of his recent form in the code, as he allowed an average of just seven runs per over throughout his recent ten matches for Australia. Also, he has taken 13 wickets over these ten matches. There will be pressure on Cummins to lead the Knight Riders to the playoffs, and fans will be watching Cummins with high hopes as he will likely be leading the Australian bowlers into the T20 World Cup, which will be taking place next year.

The Indian Premier League is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world for gamblers, and you will be able to check the odds here for the upcoming cricket action.

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