NZC crackdown on drunks

New Zealand Cricket have announced it will have separate sections for those wanting a less noisy time in the upcoming summer.

NZC’s chief executive Martin Snedden said the zones would have security hosts and drunkenness or ill-behaviour would not be tolerated.

The Alcohol Advisory Council (ALAC) says family groups should not need to be separated from others to avoid being hassled.

Dr MacAvoy of ALAC commended NZC for acknowledging an issue with drunkenness at one-day matches.

“New Zealand has a drinking culture that tolerates drunkenness and moves such as this simply reinforce this culture.

“What does it say about our society that we need to create a special zone for families and children to feel safe at a public event?”

Under the Sale of Liquor Act, the licensee or manager (stadiums included) can be fined up to $10,000 for the sale or supply of alcohol to an intoxicated person or allowing a person to become intoxicated while staff face fines of up to $2000.

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