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Most Popular Cricket Tournaments in India and How to Bet on them

Cricket tournaments in India are some of the biggest sporting events in the country and have become an irreplaceable part of Indian culture. 

Cricket accounts for 93% of sports viewers on TV. This fact alone should be enough proof to convince anyone that cricket is the most popular sport in India. 

But what are actually the most popular cricket tournaments in India, and how can you get started betting on these cricket tournaments? Those are the questions we will explore in this article.

Indian Premier League (IPL)

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most popular cricket tournament in India, and that probably doesn’t surprise anyone. 

The tournament is held every year (usually in India, but other countries have also played host to the tournament). 

The IPL is organized in the T-20 format, which is generally regarded as the most fast-paced and entertaining format, hence why it has such a great viewership from India and the rest of the world. The IPL generally attracts more than 100 million unique viewers per match

Betting on the IPL is easy – due to the popularity of the tournament, all betting sites in India offer IPL betting options.

Ranji Trophy

Ranji is a domestic cricket tournament played between the state cricket associations in India. 

The tournament is named after former Indian cricketer Ranjit Singh and is the biggest domestic cricket tournament in the country (featuring only Indian players, playing for their state teams). 

The Ranji Trophy is organised every year and is received with much fanfare, as it features some of the biggest homegrown Indian cricket talents. 

Betting on the Ranji Trophy is widely available and can be done using some of the most popular online betting sites in India like Bet365.

Vijay Hazare Trophy

The Vijay Hazare trophy (also known as the Ranji One Day Trophy) is another first-class domestic cricket tournament that features all the same teams from the Ranji Trophy tournament mentioned above.

The main difference here is that the Vijay Hazare trophy is played in a one day format, thus making it a more viewer-friendly tournament for the average cricket fan. 

The popularity of the tournament means that there are also more people interested in betting on the Vijay Hazare trophy, compared to the Ranji Trophy.

If you wish to bet on the Vijay Hazare trophy, it can be done on a number of betting sites, including Parimatch.

Deodhar Trophy

Named after D.B.Deodhar, the grand old man of Indian cricket, Deodhar Trophy is a less glamorous but extremely competitive cricket tournament. 

The tournament is played in the 50-over knockout pattern. The matches are played between India-A, India-B and India-C teams.

The long-form format makes the Deodhar Trophy less popular among average cricket fans, but more popular among hardened cricket enthusiasts who enjoy the old way of playing cricket.

For this reason, finding betting options on the Deodhar Trophy can be tricky, but we discovered that they do offer Deodhar betting odds on!

How to Bet on Cricket Tournaments in India

The Indian cricket tournaments mentioned in this article barely scrape the surface of the many amazing cricket events that are played each and every year.

If you’re interested in betting on Indian cricket, you will be happy to learn that there is so much more to choose from than “just the IPL”.

Yes, the IPL may be the biggest and best cricket tournament in the world, however, Indian cricket is vast and full of interesting tournaments as you have discovered in this article.

If you want to get started betting on these Indian cricket tournaments, your best bet is to check out and browse through the cricket betting sites they recommend; join one of the betting sites and you will be able to bet on many of these tournaments!

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