Lawson’s Ashes

New Pakistan coach Geoff Lawson has compared his first Test series at the helm of Pakistan, against India, to 10 Ashes series.

“The biggest series of the decade happens in India. Australia might be No.1 and to beat them would be fantastic, but to beat India in India, it’s about 10 Ashes series wrapped in one. It’s like another war over there,” the former Australian fast bowler told the Sunday Telegraph.

Lawson also described coaching Pakistan as a much greater challenge than coaching Australia, a past ambition of his.

“Coaching Australia I don’t think is all that big a challenge, but coaching Pakistan certainly is,” he said.

“If you really want to test your mettle as a coach I think it’s elsewhere other than Australia. This is a challenge to make Pakistan the best cricket team they can be, and they can be number one.”

Pakistan travel to India for a three match Test series and five match ODI series in November.

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