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Latest Cricket News from Pakistan and India

If we talk about sports in general, especially in Europe, football is, unsurprisingly, the number one sport of all time. Apart from football, Europeans also like some other sports such as tennis, basketball, and everything else you can think of.

However, when it comes to the Indian subcontinent, there’s no doubt that cricket is the most played and watched sport. Yes, you heard that right, there is a country where football is not the main point of attention.

Of course, if you like cricket, you probably know that these countries are quite successful at it, as well as that there is always something going on regarding this sport.

If you wish to find out everything about the latest India and Pakistan cricket news, you’ve come to the right place.

Pakistan Is Getting Ready for Australia

The captain of Pakistan’s cricket team, Babar Azam, decided to give us a glimpse into their plan for the approaching game against Australia. In the Twenty20 series, Babar Azam mentioned that they were putting their faith in the combination of young players such as Mohammad Musa, as well as more experienced ones like Mohammad Amir.

Some others who should be included are most certainly the fast bowler Mohammad Irfan, along with Wahab Riaz and Mohammad Hasnain.

To be precise, the team considers fast bowling to be their biggest strength in the three following matches on the Australian field. Azam believes it is great to have older players who have experience and can make good decisions, but he is also of the opinion that younger players who strive to become great always give their best and bring in a lot of positive energy.

When it comes to the captain of Pakistan’s team, he still stands strong on the Twenty20 chart and is planning to prove that their last game against Sri Lanka was just a “bad day”. He is preparing for future matches with Australia by examining the games of Kane Williamson and Virat Kohli and trying to implement their style.

Will India Play Day-Night Test Cricket?

The newly-elected BCCI president, Sourav Ganguly, who has been into the story of day-night Tests for quite some time already, now has another important cricket figure to support this idea. The person in question is Virat Kohli, India’s team captain and one of the most valuable assets of Indian cricket.

Many other nations have already adopted pink-ball cricket, but India isn’t one of them even though Sourav Ganguly was up for it. The problem, as it seems, has been the false news about Virat Kohli being against it. However, Ganguly claims that Virat Kohli doesn’t object to this idea. Therefore, India has a green light in adopting this as the rest of the top Test-playing nations.

Ganguly stated that this is an important thing for cricket because a lot of cricket lovers in India are busy during the usual game time. If they would be played under the lights, the games would be more visited since people could come after work and school to support their nation.

India-Pakistan Relations Cause Problems for Women’s Cricket

Due to the tension that’s been going on between the two countries, India didn’t get the thumbs up for welcoming the Pakistan women’s team for the ODI series scheduled for the end of November, thus causing problems for the already mentioned BCCI president Ganguly.

Namely, the series in question is connected to the ICC Women’s World Championship which carries the points important for the 2021 World Cup qualifications. The BCCI tried to get the attention of the government of India by writing to them in the hope to clarify the importance of hosting this event.

In a situation like this, the inability of India to welcome the Pakistan women’s team results in the points that could have been won in the game being shared equally among the teams.

Moreover, India and Pakistan were already in a situation like this in 2016, when India lost the opportunity for direct qualification for the 2017 World Cup due to their refusal to play against Pakistan.

Due to the current problem, the BCCI might be asked to provide a letter from the Indian government in which they will have to explain why India won’t be able to welcome the Pakistan women’s team.

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