KP lashes out at Buchanan

Under siege English batsman Kevin Pietersen has hit back at claims that he’s not a team player, that have been coming out of the Australian camp.

Australian coach John Buchanan struck out at Pietersen after England’s innings loss last week in Melbourne.

“Pietersen certainly talks of himself as a team player,” Buchanan said, “I don’t personally see any evidence of that.”

Pietersen responded angrily to the assertion made by the outgoing Australian coach.

“Absolutely ridiculous. I don’t know where’s he got that from. I don’t see any case or cause for getting into a slanging match with the coach of Australia,” he said.

Pietersen stated that he was hurt by Buchanan’s claims and insisted they were just mind games created by the Australians devised to form doubt in the English side, going into the final Ashes Test in Sydney.

“He’s probably just trying to target me and have a go at me. Australia love to have a go at individuals before series, during series and after series and I’m not really too interested,” he said.

“It does hurt when people say that because I’m a massive team player.

“Australia obviously think the series is still alive and they want to win 5-0, so they’re trying to get into my head and make me feel like a lone ranger, which I’m not.”

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