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IPL betting 2022 – Baap of IPL 2022 – The Best IPL Players

Each year in IPL grants us newborn stars and numbers driving us crazy. The stats stay on the second plan, but they serve as the best proof of excellence. 

The reigning of veterans will someday come to an end, but they also show world-class performance, which stays in the hearts of IPL fans forever. 

Since the first edition of IPL in 2008, fans from every corner of India have seen a lot of magic happen on the pitch. So, who is this mysterious Baap of IPL? Baap of IPL or Godfather of IPL is the player with the best personal, club, and national achievements. The term baap of cricket is spread for statistical indicators like wickets, most runs, sixers, and finishers. Apart from single-performance stats, baap of cricket holds the status of national team Godfather. Probably, this is the highest point Indian cricket player can reach, if not to count the ultimate warrior title. 

Baap of IPL can is defined by an obvious method – calculation of successful actions on the pitch. We have to understand that the world holds its breath when IPL starts, so sometimes, we will refer to the definition of baap of cricket. Baap of cricket can also be baap of ipl, as a lot of international world stars played in our league and a transfer to any Indian cricket team is a privilege. 

For a more consistent introduction, let’s go through the sports betting names of the cricket players, who previously got the honor to have this status of baap of cricket. 

Baap of IPL Captain – the best current IPL captain 

There have been a lot of words said about MS Dhoni and his milestones. Born in 1981, he made his debut for Bihar in first-class cricket in 2000 at the age of eighteen. Wicketkeeper and batsman, he was selected for the first time with the Indian team in 2004 in ODI and in test-match the following year.

Dhoni captained the national team when it won the first edition of the Twenty20 World Championship in 2007. He signed the biggest contract in IPL in the inaugural season of this trophy. He captained India in test matches at the end of 2008. In 2011, he was still at the head of the team when they won, at home, the World Cup. The strike rates are mindblowing – 135.44, truly deserves to have the title of IPL Godfather

He was voted 52nd in the top 100 most influential people in the world in 2011.

IPL KA baap – the best runs in IPL 

Virat Kohli, born in 1988, is an Indian cricket player who was considered one of the best Betsmans in the world. He is currently the captain of the Indian side in the Indian Premier League. In 2018, Time magazine named Kohli one of the 100 most influential people in the world. He was awarded the country’s highest athletic award, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, and the Padma Sri Civil Medal of India. Kohli is the husband of actress Anushka Sharma.

So, why is he the KA baap of IPL – he is the one, who has completed about 34 000 runs throughout his career and the count continues. 

Baap of IPL team captain

Rohit Sharma can be easily related to this saying – per Aspera ad Astra.  

‎In October 2019, he played a ‎‎test series against South Africa‎‎ with the Indian team. In the first game, he was able to reach two Centuries (176 runs from 244 balls and 127 runs from 149 balls). In the third game of the series, he scored a double-century over 212 runs from 255 balls and was named a player of the series. In December 2020 ‎‎against the West Indies‎‎ (159 runs from 138 balls) and January 2020 ‎‎against Australia‎‎ (119 runs from 128 balls) he was able to score two more ODI centuries. Due to the ‎‎COVID-19 pandemic‎‎, he played only a few games in the remaining year of 2020. In February 2021, he managed a test century ‎‎against England‎‎ over 161 runs from 231 balls. He was able to repeat this when he traveled with the team to England in the summer when he scored 127 runs from 256 balls in the fourth test in the fourth test and he was awarded player of the game. ‎‎

‎At the ‎‎ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021‎‎, he was able to contribute with two half-centuries against Afghanistan (74 runs) and ‎‎Namibia‎‎ (56 runs). However, the tournament was disappointing with the elimination in the Super12 round for India. After the tournament, he was appointed Twenty20 captain to succeed ‎‎Virat Kohli‎‎ after he resigned. ‎‎After leading the team to a clear victory ‎‎against New Zealand‎‎, he was also appointed captain of the ODI team in January 2022 by the Selector Committee. After Kohli resigned from the test captain role shortly afterward, Sharma followed him there as well. 

Who is the Baap of IPL? 

The ultimate warrior, the best player of the recent IPL editions – Rohit Sharma! Why him again? We doubt someone will be able to break the record in upcoming years – 6 IPL titles. This is a level of pure class and professional determination. 

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