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ICC World Test Championship Final is Set, as India faces New Zealand

The final is set and the fans may actually get to be available in the stands for this one, which makes this year’s ICC WTC final even more special. India and New Zealand will face off in one of the most anticipated finals in recent memory, making that William Hill promo code and any other chips fans may have, even more useful and relevant.

Richard Hadlee would have an opinion about next month’s ICC WTC final, he has the credentials to speak on such a game and the cricket legend had an interesting take as far as predictions go, as we get ready to watch the scintillating matchup between India and New Zealand. The two teams are without doubt the best bowling and batting teams in the sport today, at the international level. The two teams showed out en route to finishing first and second on the WTC standings. India came out tops, while the Black Caps followed in second place. The ride has been rough, exhilarating and everything in-between. The teams and the ICC had to navigate the pandemic and all the restrictions it imposed on the game, with teams having to adapt to regular testing, bubbles, and guidelines that affected even personal lives.

Beyond battling covid-19, there is all game between the two teams, as two of the world’s most proficient captains in Virat kohli and kane Williamson face off.Both men do not only have leadership in their DNA but also masterful batting. The teams will face off in England, from the 18 to 22 of June at the Hampshire Bowl. Hadlee who has 201 caps for the Black Caps believes it will be a very tough matchup and will come down to a detail as tiny as who adapts first and better to the English climate at this time of the year. Playing your best under new conditions can be quite a challenge, but Hadlee believes that is where the difference will be made.

“It all comes down as to who is better prepared and who adapts better to the English conditions the quickest,”… “The weather may also play a part and if it is cold that will favour New Zealand. The Duke ball will suit both team’s fast bowlers especially the genuine swing bowlers and the Kiwis are well served in that department with Southee, Boult and Jamieson. If the ball seams around off the pitch, batsmen in both teams will be challenged”.

“Both teams have high-class batsmen so it will be an interesting game to watch. It is too difficult to call a winner at this stage.”

With regards to New Zealand coming agonisingly close in the last two years, hadlee believes the team will only be better prepared and have gathered enough from the experience to take them over the hump this time.

“We have a proud record in 50 over World Cups. Yes, those near misses were frustrating and disappointing but we were so close to winning in 2019 at Lord’s. I would go as far as to say there were no winners and losers on that day – it was just by a technicality that England won!

“The Test Championship is a one-off game. Yes, it is a final, but I don’t think either team will be too fazed about it. It is a neutral ground with no home team advantage,” he said. “The Test Championship is a one-off game. Yes, it is a final, but I don’t think either team will be too fazed about it. It is a neutral ground with no home team advantage”.

“It is something to look forward to. Both teams deserve to be contesting the final because of their consistent playing performances over a set period of time.”

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