Hair Stays Strong

Darrell Hair the umpire who caused the row which resulted in the Test Match between England and Pakistan to be forfeited for the first time in Test History has vowed to stay strong and continue umpiring.

It is believed that Hair has had staunch oppisition for him to contunue umpiring Asian Test Matches and was quoted as saying that “I stand by what I have done,”. “But if anything comes out at the inquiry that proves me incorrect I would accept that too. The process would have been followed. People who know me and the sort of person I am know I would not take action unless I really thought it was necessary.”

He also denied there was any problems with subcontinent teams.”That is not something that is an issue for me,” he said. “There is no problem with me and the subcontinent. I have umpired quite a lot in the subcontinent over the last couple of years and when the ICC have asked me to do a job I try and do it to the best of my ability.”

Hair has received praise in the past few days from Ross Emerson the former Australian Umpire and various Past and Present Cricketers including Shane Warne and Steve Waugh.

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