Cricket Revolution

Cricket Revolution

A new cricket game is on its way, bringing with it unrivaled gameplay and intense online competition. Cricket Revolution features brand new batting, bowling and fielding, creating a never seen before multi-player gaming experience for cricket fans. You will be a membe of an in-game online community featuring chat rooms, friends messengers, games search and hosting, and leaderboards. Gamers will be able to play both Local Area Network and Internet based tournaments to compete for cricketing glory.


  • Unrivalled gameplay with thrilling online PvP action
  • An ingame online community system with chat rooms, friends messengers, games search, games hosting and spectator modes
  • Over 500 motion captured moves, day/night lighting, varying pitch types, pitch and ball aging
  • Fantasy stadiums, unlockable deliveries, and batsman knock-out injuries
  • Internet based multiplayer play, rankings, ratings, and leaderboards
  • LAN based multiplayer network play
  • Offline exhibition matches vs the computer teams
  • Team and player customizations with different body types, faces and styles of play
  • True field captaincy with the ability to place fielders anywhere on the field
  • Batting and bowling net practice modes


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