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Fantasy Cricket – Cricket World Cup 2019

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering cash prizes for our upcoming World Cup 2019 Fantasy Cricket competition which starts in a couple of days.

Cricket Web’s Fantasy Cricket

If there are more than 1,500 teams registered we will offer:

1st Prize – USD$100
2nd Prize – USD$75
3rd Prize – USD$25

Start inviting your friends and family and be into win some great cash prizes! Payments will be made via PayPal and if you don’t have a PayPal account we will offer the money through a gift voucher that accepts PayPal as a payment.


Looking forward to the world cup

Comment by Richard worsnop | 7:24pm BST 28 May 2019

It is a good fantasy

Comment by Muhammad ahmed | 7:40pm BST 28 May 2019


Comment by Jerome | 8:35pm BST 28 May 2019

Game banayega name

Comment by Kaushal jain | 9:18pm BST 28 May 2019

Stay blessed

Comment by Umar farooq khan hoti | 3:46am BST 29 May 2019

I love cricket.

Comment by Trimal Singh | 6:28am BST 29 May 2019

come on Aussie come on, come on, come on Aussie come on!!!!

Comment by Josh Baldwin | 7:40am BST 29 May 2019

Im gonna win

Comment by Henry | 8:03am BST 29 May 2019

Please we want plahed fantasy cricket league

Comment by Waheed | 4:14pm BST 29 May 2019

Who Dares Wins

Comment by Nick Carter | 5:45pm BST 29 May 2019

Start the game

Comment by Ripon molla | 5:52pm BST 29 May 2019

Im here for win

Comment by Saleem Akbar | 11:40pm BST 29 May 2019

I want to play fantasy cricket

Comment by Shahid Jahangir | 7:34am BST 30 May 2019

I want to join fantasy cricket World Cup

Comment by Jason andrew | 8:38am BST 30 May 2019


Comment by KHAQAN HASNAIN IBRAHIM | 9:16am BST 30 May 2019


Comment by Rana | 3:43pm BST 30 May 2019

give me a prize

Comment by yousaf | 4:41am BST 1 June 2019

I want to win prize

Comment by yousaf | 4:43am BST 1 June 2019

Its a great game for cricket lovers

Comment by Sheraz Hussaib | 1:14pm BST 6 June 2019

Be able to make it to the game

Comment by Mian Omar | 3:42pm BST 18 June 2019

Be able to make it to the game
MAY 14 is my birthday party

Comment by Mian Omar | 3:43pm BST 18 June 2019

Thanks its been a great experience

Comment by Mian Omar | 3:44pm BST 18 June 2019

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