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Exploring the choice of cricket games in 2020

For those of us passionate about cricket, when were not absorbed in the action of live games via TV or streams, a fun way to keep ourselves entertained can be delving into the virtual world of cricket gaming.

Throughout the 90s, there seemed to be a huge choice of games available for PC and console, although that seemed to decline for several years with the turn of the millennium. However, there does appear to have been a gaming revival in recent years, as developers look at new and creative ways for us to enjoy one of the most popular sports in the world.

Online cricket games

Arguably one of the most common activities online is fantasy cricket, given there are numerous websites offering participants an entertaining way to follow the sport. This typically involves making team selections, and keeping a keen eye on player performances, in order to be successful. The most popular fantasy competitions tend to follow the Indian Premier League and international tournaments, which means they too need to be followed carefully.

For those looking for something a little more interactive, there are many online gaming sites which offer a host of themed games. Most of these are Flash or HTML based, which means they can be played on desktop or mobile devices. Likewise, many of these games are based around skill and timing, either simulating batting or bowling. Of course, the most popular trend for these games is the Indian cricket scene.

Aware of such a huge following, the leading online casinos in India have also started offering a broader selection of games themed around cricket. These include slot games like Cricket Star by Microgaming or Cricket Fever by Genii, both of which have been released in the last year. Of course, some of these sites also offer a variety of ways to bet on real cricket, alongside their casino gaming options, therefore it’s always recommended to check the relevant reviews.

Commercial cricket games

If you take a look at our very own selection of commercial cricket games reviewed, while there are plenty of releases, many of them date back over many years. The fact is that, compared to soccer or basketball, it seems that cricket just hasn’t enjoyed the same commercial success amongst the video gaming community, which means that many of the leading names in the games industry haven’t dedicated as much time to our favourite sport.

For a long time, one of the best management simulations was Cricket Coach, although there hasn’t been a new release since 2014. Likewise, there was also fierce initial competition in the virtual and 3D realm, with the Brian Lara cricket series by Codemasters, and the simply titled Cricket series by EA Sports. However, the last time either developer released a new version of their popular games was back in 2007.

Meanwhile, Australian developer Big Ant Games remained active, having produced the Don Bradman series of titles and Ashes Cricket in 2017, although their crowning glory is undoubtedly Cricket 19. As the most recent commercial game dedicated to the sport, Cricket 19 met with very positive reviews on Steam and is available for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Test, T20, and ODI are featured in the game itself, along with a host of both men’s and women’s teams.


While the choice of cricket games would appear to have been declining for some time now, there’s definitely a strong selection out there. Retro gamers will no doubt enjoy playing some of the past releases, even if the graphics and gameplay might be a little dated.

That said, there’s always the option of trying the very latest releases with beautifully rendered graphics, or alternatively, a growing selection of new online offerings themed around cricket to try. Overall, it looks as though cricket is once again having a positive influence on the gaming industry.


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