Duncan Fletcher’s autobiography

Currently being serialised in the Daily Mail (an English newspaper), Ashes Regained – A Coaches Story is Duncan Fletcher’s take on what was arguably the greatest cricket series ever.

The book also covers Fletcher’s childhood in Zimbabwe which according to Fletcher was ‘tough’ and ‘very British’.

On the cricket side of things which this book is mostly about, Fletch comments on anything and everything to do with the Ashes.

He talks about Ricky Ponting’s outburst at Trent Bridge -‘All the palaver caused me to burn my toast’. Kevin Pietersen’s ‘fatal flaw’ in his catching technique, and why the Australians can’t lecture England on ‘the spirit of the game’.

This book is a great read for any cricket fan; it gives a running commentary on the Ashes series from one of the most influential people involved and goes in-depth on what enabled England to become world-beaters.

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