Donald withdraws application.

Allan Donald, the former South-African fast bowler, has withdrawn his application following the vacancy of an England Head Bowling Coach.

His announcement followed a meeting held between Gerald Majola and Vince van der Biji, in which they discussed Donald’s application for the empty position.

“I have given much thought to the matter, and have withdrawn my application for the England bowling coach post,” Donald told reporters after the meeting. “I will rather stay with Cricket South Africa’s high performance programme and throw my full weight behind it.”

“Vince and I had a full and frank discussion with Allan,” said Majola when asked about his view on the matter. “We are delighted that he has decided to stay with South African cricket, and build the game here for the future. Allan was one of the South Africa’s greatest bowlers and we regard him as a national asset.”

Others linked to the vacant place include Phil DeFreitas, Andy Pick, Kevin Shine and Steve Watkin.

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