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It may be a year away, but the mere anticipation of the ICC World Cup has every international team scrambling and plotting.

The 2007 tournament will be held in the West Indies, and the next year of cricket should go a long way toward defining the cast of the event as countries shuffle about their line-ups to assess effectiveness.

We at Cricket Web dare to add to the interest by suggesting a less-than-definitive list of those we believe most likely to feature in the Caribbean next year.

The Process:

We commence with a presentation of 30-40 players from which the final squad of 16 will most likely be chosen. These players are ranked from 1 to 30-40 in terms of likelihood of selection (in our humble opinions of course) and thus form a ladder.

At two-month intervals, the ladder will be adjusted with players moving up or down according to how much more likely or less likely their selection has become in that time. In addition, we will eliminate the bottom 5 players from the ladder at each interval.

The conclusion is targeted for the end of January 2007, and a final elimination of 4 will take place, leaving us with a squad of 16. How accurate will these selections be? Well that’s the whole fun of it all.

The Ladders:





New Zealand


South Africa

Sri Lanka

West Indies


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