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Cricket Web New Design

Hi everyone and welcome back!

As you can see things have changed a little while you was away!

The Cricket Web Admin are proud to announce a new look and feel to CW!

As you may have seen as you entered the site, some major changes have taken place as we attempt to improve and modernise Cricket Web to ensure it remains one of the best cricket sites on the web.

We have been working hard over the past few months to redesign and relaunch the site and we hope you will enjoy all the new features we have to offer.

Regulars visitors of Cricket Web over the years would have noticed the biggest change to the new look front page is that for the very first time we have moved our focus away from the reporting of general news and match reports. These will still be a part of the site but in a more back seat position with interactive and unique content taking precedence.

Cricket Web are delighted to announce the following new features and changes that have been set in place for the new and improved site:

Chris Taylor & Andrew Gale’s Cricket Column: Arguably the biggest addition to this design is the acquisition of two up and coming English County Cricketers, Chris Taylor & Andrew Gale (both from Yorkshire CCC) will be writing regular columns on life as professional cricketers.

Ask the Spider: Need a question answered or just want to try and stump our stats team then send us a question and the best ones will be answered each week by our dedicated stats staff.

Devil Ducky + Completing the Square: The duck is back! A few years ago, staff member Luckyeddie created an internet phenomenon with tales of his little yellow duck. It is with great pleasure we can announce his triumphant return to the site in the form of a regular blog.

Veteran staff member Neil Pickup will also be contributing to a regular column around his experiences with grass-root cricket & coaching.

Cricket Games & Downloads: The cricket games & download section has been improved to combine all of the games details into one page, rather than having to navigate all over the section to locate the information required.

Cricket Books: The Cricket books have undergone a big re-organization with a more comprehensive review of each of the books and a wider more detailed rating scale. The team led by Archie Mac, will continue to provide reviews of all the latest cricket books and many of the classic ones.

The Forum: you may have already noticed the new forum colours and logo, they have been put in place to match the new look front page, but at the same time they have not deviated too much from the classic CW Forum feel that many of you have become accustomed to. Expect various features to be added to the forum over the coming weeks as we try and make your forum experience more enjoyable.

We have just touched the surface here with all the changes the admin have been dedicatedly working on for the past few months and we’ll leave you to discover the rest for yourselves. We’d like to remind you that should you have any problems or ideas about the site please contact us and we will be more than happy to hear from you.

Any problems can be reported in the Site Discussion Forum or by using the feedback form under the About Us page on the main site.

Thanks for your continuing support and we hope you enjoy the new look and feel to Cricket Web. Also, just a reminder to always keep a look out for many new features that will pop up over the next year as we strive to become one of the best cricket sites on the web.

The Cricket Web Team

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