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Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket – Game Update

Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket

Cricket Web is always looking to enhance the gaming experience for our users and it’s with great pleasure we can now announce the latest updates to Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket!

We as ever have listened to what you have all said in your feedback; the changes you will see are a direct result of this. On with the details!

1: New Team Composition including Mixed Roles
The biggest change to this edition is the change in team composition where we have removed Bat4, Bat5, Bat6, Bowl4 positions to replace them with Mixed positions. This allows you to choose 4 players from any discipline, whether batsman, wicket-keeper or bowler, meaning managers will take on a real variety in team selection.

2: Discussion Wall for User Competitions
We have added a discussion wall within each User Competition Standings page, where all managers who are a part of that competition can send messages to each other. These messages are private to only those managers a part of that particular user competition.

3: View Your Team, extra column added to show who the player was replaced with
When you view your Team, there is an extra column added that displays who the original player was when you replaced that player out of your team giving you a full history of team selection.

4: Modify Team – Original Players Selected Shown
To assist with modifying your team, the original/current player is shown below each positions drop-down menu allowing you to easily see who the members of your current team are when you start changing your team.

5: Full Standings page to show more than 100
The Full Standings page was previously limited to showing only the top 100 teams. This has been changed where it will now show all teams a part of the competition you choose to view.

6: Competition Details shown in Modify Team when a competition hasn’t yet started
Competition Details are now shown on the Modify Team even when the competition hasn’t yet started.

7: Strike out matches which are over in list of matches
Where the matches are shown within a particular competition, those already completed are now struck out allowing for easy viewing of which matches are remaining. Within the Modify Team page, only those remaining matches are shown.

8: Can’t change Team Name after the competition starts
Once a competition has started, you are no longer able to change your Team Name. This has been done so it is easier for managers to track the various teams they are going up against in the standings page.

We hope you like the new additions. We plan to release some more changes in the not to distant future surrounding the Points System and the Hall of Fame. As ever we welcome any feedback you may have.

Best Regards,

The Fantasy Cricket Team


good insights

Comment by cricden | 6:47am BST 31 July 2018

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