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Cricket sportsbooks: review these three features right away

Betting on cricket can be both fun and profitable and picking the right sportsbook is at least half the reason why. Fans have access to a plethora of books both new and old. These books compete against each other offering all kinds of perks and promotions. But how do you tell exactly if a sportsbook will be good for betting on cricket?

What makes a good sportsbook for cricket?

With online sports betting continuing to grow rapidly, sportsbooks become bigger and more popular. Chances are, you have seen ads for sportsbooks when browsing online or even through commercials on TV.

Many books like to highlight their deposit bonuses or “free money” promotions, which can work to attract first-time players or casual fans only to find that the sportsbook isn’t the best for cricket betting.

Instead of being baited by these promos, be sure to review the sportsbooks and rate and understand these three features first:

All the conditions  the deposit bonuses (or promotions) have

You’ll find many sportsbooks advertise “match any deposit 100% up to $500” essentially saying they will give you an extra $500 if you deposit $500. Sounds too good to be true, right? Yes and no.

For one, sportsbooks will match your deposit but on the other hand, you may have to work to acquire it. What that promotion doesn’t fully reveal is how you will get your free cash from the book. It usually involves having to bet – and having to bet a lot called “rollover”.

Rollover means that you will have to bet a certain amount to withdraw your free money. Most books have either a five-times (5X) or ten-times (10X) rollover meaning you will need to bet five to ten times the amount of the free cash you win.

If your free cash is $500, you will have to bet $2,500 on a 5X rollover or $5,000 on a 10x rollover.

Additionally, these may not be the only conditions a book imposes. Some books will add conditions that only specific bets count towards the rollover. Prop bets and parlays may be excluded from the rollover and bets made with a promo as well.

Find bonuses that have straightforward conditions.


Any additional promotions and features a sportsbook has

Almost every top sportsbook has a deposit bonus and it mainly varies by the amount they match to how lenient or strict their conditions are. What can separate some of these books are the additional promos they feature.

Promotions are rewards books offer customers to incentive you to keep playing and depositing money to them. These promotions can be great, especially if they are geared towards cricket.

One of the best promotions is when bookmakers offer you a reload bonus. This is essentially a deposit bonus but for existing customers who need incentive to deposit more money after they’ve (usually) lost everything although this bonus can apply to even those who are winning.

Other popular promotions or features include a VIP membership or loyalty program that rewards you for playing. You can accumulate points that you can use towards rewards or free bets. The more you play, the more you’ll play.

Some books also have a “best odds guaranteed” feature where they will match any competing betting lines. This will help you ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck when betting on cricket.

The sportsbook’s reputation as told by its customers

Last but certainly not least, ask around for the reputation of the sportsbook. Not all sportsbooks operate fairly and some have a terrible reputation for good reason. You may find many customers or ex-customers mention that a book does not pay its customers nor does it honour its promotions.

Finding bad reviews about books is easy. Some good books will even get a few bad reviews. But if a particular book gets nasty reviews that include screenshots and detailed evidence of their wrongdoings, this is a major red flag that cannot be ignored.

Avoid sportsbooks that have been exposed (with evidence) as fraudulent.

The best cricket sportsbooks excel at all these features

Most of the best online bookmakers feature those three categories in spades and it’s why they are household names. But there should still be a handful for you to pick from once you’ve narrowed it down.

When you’ve double-checked that the book is reputable, has straightforward deposit bonus conditions, and has bountiful promotions, you’re ready to roll. Better yet, if you can’t pick between two books, sign up for both and reap the rewards.

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