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Cricket Fantasy Betting for Newbies: Getting Started

Fantasy sports, FS for short, is one of those pastimes that almost everyone has heard of, but few of those who have not partaken in this entertainment form understand what it is. In short, these are games that utilize real sports statistical data that correspond to virtual teams that players have assembled, and events that happen in the real world shape those in these games.

Today, the global fantasy sports market boasts a size of $28.7 billion and is on track to expand to $54 billion in the next five years. In India, without question, cricket is the most popular fantasy sport, accounting for around 85% of all registered users who enjoy this hobby in the world’s most populous country.

It is interesting to note that fantasy sports began in the 1960s, with the initial experimentation stage in the development of this activity implementing golf and baseball before Bill Winkenbach, one of the owners of the Oakland Raiders, pretty much-pioneered fantasy football, which remains the most established genre of this amusement medium in the US, laying out the foundation for it to grow into what it has become today.

As mentioned, in India, The Gentleman’s Game reigns supreme, so playing cricket fantasy sports is something that many Indians love to kill time with. Hence, below, we present a short guide on how anyone can get started with it.

What One Should Know Before Beginning

In the past, fantasy sports were usually enjoyed by groups of friends who would form a competition format concerning a singular league and draft players amongst themselves. They then would track these picked athletes’ stats to determine how every fictional team in their league performed and who would get what share of the predetermined prize pot or bragging rights. So, each fantasy sports contest could boast unique draft rules, scoring systems, and participation criteria.

Over the past few decades, this activity got widely commercialized, and various companies made it more mainstream by making available software solutions that automated these competitions and allowed users to attain higher rewards than those in close-circle-ran groups.

Contemporary fantasy sports organized by major brands get played in shorter periods and demand an entry fee. In the US, sector giants Fanduel and DraftKings rule this landscape, while in Britain, operators of some of the best sports betting sites UK platforms, like Bet365 and Betway, also run these competitions. In India, there is even a dedicated body to this pastime, the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS), dedicated to protecting best practices in this Indian industry.

Thus, credible platform selection is the initial super vital step in ensuring that someone has a good time on their FS voyage.

How to Get Started on a Fantasy Betting Platform

After picking a credible online FS hub, via some in-depth research, one must download this brand’s app or head to its official site. There, they must complete a simple registration process and deposit funds that allow them to enter paid contests for cash prizes. It is crucial to supply data cautiously and choose only trustworthy money transfer options. Examples of the latter are Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, and Skrill.

Like most online sportsbooks, many fantasy sports platforms nowadays demand users go through a KYC identity verification process to prove they are who they say they are.

Once someone becomes a full-fledged member, they should take the time to explore their site’s interface. That means getting comfortable with its layout and profile features and then familiarizing themselves with the presented hub guidelines. 

Playing Tactics

Parties should deeply understand the cricket league they will engage with. They should look to build balanced teams based on historical data. Staying updated with news is pivotal, as is diversifying one’s roster. A nifty tip is to pay attention to captain and vice-captain choices, which can be critical for snagging extra bonus points on some platforms.

Quality team management is also very important. For many, this process involves opting for correct substitutions/transfers and in-game decisions at the right times.

Lastly, everyone should abide by their set budget and not waste money they cannot afford to be without.

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