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Cricket Australia Assesses Situation in Adelaide

Many major sports events from all around the world were affected by the COVID 19 pandemic this year. In March, many of these events had to hit the pause button as the rise of COVID cases worldwide was happening. Sports like football, basketball, and cricket were affected. Many fans were surprised but many are also relieved since the cancelation and postponement of these events were for everyone’s safety anyway.

For cricket, leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL) has been greatly affected. Many Test cricket matches also had to be canceled and until now, there are still matches that are not even rescheduled yet. Still, cricket fans are lucky that their favorite sports will still have plenty of events to offer even before the year ends. With that, fans can continue to look for the best cricket betting sites in India or anywhere else in the world to place their bets on their favorite squads.

However, it’s not a secret that we are still going through a pandemic. We will remain to do so until a vaccine is produced. This means that there is still a chance that there will still be a spike of COVID 19 cases in different parts of the world and that could affect the sports industry once again.

Recently, reports have been made that there is a developing COVID 19 outbreak in South Australia and this is threatening to the cricket sports industry as many Test matches are scheduled to take place in the country.

There have been reports of COVID-19 cases, particularly in Adelaide. This is where the series-opener between Australia and India will take place. However, Cricket Australia is pledging that they will do everything possible to continue with the matches even if a fresh outbreak is happening in the country.

Because of this, cricketers like Tim Paine and his Tasmania teammates are now in self-isolation as governments in other parts of Australia have announced border closures. Queensland has also already imposed a 14-day hotel quarantine on all visitors from Adelaide. All visitors who arrived from Southern Australia since November 9 will be tested and quarantined. This includes the state squad. The Western Australia team is also already in isolation and are waiting to get tested.

The spokesman of Cricket Tasmania has spoken about the latest happenings and said, “Like all people who have traveled from South Australia to Tasmania in the last seven days, the Tasmanian Tigers Sheffield Shield squad are self-isolating as we wait for further advice from Public Health.”

He also said that the players and staff will go through Covid-19 swab testing.

WACA also released a statement about the matter. The statement includes, “Following the State’s border closure to South Australia, WA players and staff who arrived from Adelaide on Saturday afternoon are currently undergoing 14 days of self-quarantine.

“The group started their quarantine on Saturday 14 November at 11:59 pm, following the completion of the Marsh Sheffield Shield hub campaign, and will undergo Covid-19 testing over this period. The WACA is working closely with the relevant authorities to determine the best means of approach for player management over the two weeks.”

So far, the New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian has not yet announced any border closure. No players from NSW are required to self-isolate yet. However, they are still required to get tested and to self-isolate if they have symptoms.

Australia’s vice-captain, Pat Cummins, has recently expressed his confidence that the main part of the season will still happen. He said, “CA have thought of every contingency. I know [CA’s head of sports science] Alex Kountouris and the doctors have been living this every single day coming up with different options, different plans, so I’m sure whatever we have to do we’ll find away. I think if we can fly over to the UK and play in a bubble over there, it shows that we’ll find a way, whatever it takes.

“Having open conversations with the medical team, I think we’re still going to be in some kind of restricted bubble were getting out and seeing your family and friends might be tough at times anyway. I think we’re all really in hoping it might get a little bit better but knowing that nothing is certain and things can change.

“So we’ve done England, we’ve done IPL, the Shield guys and the WBBL girls have all had different kinds of bubbles they’ve been involved with, so we’ll see what level that’s at, but whatever it is, the priority is once we get there we play cricket. It might be one of those cases where it’s different in different states. I think everyone knows we’ve got to be adaptable, I think the last six months more than any other time, you have to take it day by day.”

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