Border: Sunil out of line

Despite calling him a close friend, Allan Border has slammed Sunil Gavaskar’s latest comments regarding David Hookes death as “inappropriate” and “uncalled for”.

In a war of words with Ricky Ponting about the Australian’s on-field behaviour, Gavaskar said: “There’s the example of the late David Hookes. Would the Australians who use that kind of language on the field, and not all of them do, in a bar and would they get away with it?”

The former Australian captain in an interview with The Australian said he was deeply upset by Gavaskar’s remarks.

“I consider Sunny a friend, but what he said about David Hookes and the behaviour of Australian cricketers was totally uncalled for,” Border said.

“What Sunny said on television was totally inappropriate.”

“For him to link David’s death to players allegedly misbehaving on a cricket field is plain wrong,” Border said.

The sentiments were echoed by South Australian captain Darren Lehmann who was a close friend of Hookes and there on the night of his death.

“I’m pretty disappointed with Gavaskar. His remarks only hurt David Hookes’ family and friends and tarnish Hookesy’s memory, A man of Gavaskar’s stature in the game of cricket should know better,” said.

“His outburst about David Hookes was totally out of order and in bad taste.

“I came into the international arena a few years after he had retired. He was a player I admired – not any more.”

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