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Best Cricket Betting Options


Cricket isn’t just the best game to come out of 16th century England, but it’s also one of the best sports to bet on – whether it’s Twenty20, the Ashes, day cricket, or a 5-day test match. True fans know that the 22-yard bat and ball wonder-game is a delight, but newcomers might be a little lost. Below we’ll look at the best bets, strategies, and how to take advantage of the online casino UK bookmakers.

The Most Popular Cricket Bets

There are lots of cricket bets, so let’s get straight to business. Here are some of the most sensible bets to place:

Match winner: this is where you select the winner of the overall cricket match, it’s a simple bet to make, and you just have to decide between one of two teams.

 1st Wicket method: in this bet you have to choose how the first wicket will be secured. There are only 6 ways the wicket could be secured, so you’ve got a good chance of guessing correctly.

Top Match Batsman: in this bet, you wager your money on the batsmen who will score the most runs in the game.

 Top Match Bowler: in this bet, you wager your money on who you think will take the most wickets in the match.

1st over Total Runs: in this bet, you try to predict whether the total runs in the first over of the game will be above or below a specific number, e.g. 20.

if you stick with these, then you’ll be off to a good start with your cricket betting.

Cricket Betting Strategy

There are no sure-fire strategies, but here’s some vital information to help guide your betting.

Firstly, where is the game being played? Pitch size varies across the globe, e.g., the UK has smaller pitches whilst India and Australia have larger pitches. This can have a significant impact on the number of runs scored.

Second, what is the weather? Bad weather (overcast and windy etc.) is a prime condition for pace bowlers and swing bowlers. Hot weather is prime for spin bowlers. Once you know this, you can see what team has the weather advantage.

Third, what are the ground conditions? Fast bowlers love well-kept grassy pitches, as the grass helps reduce friction with the ground. Dried-out and rough ground, with little grass remaining, is ideal for spin bowlers, who get extra friction from the surface.

Taking Advantage of the Bookmaker

If you want to beat the bookmaker, then you have to think like a bookmaker.

First, get as much information about the match as possible. As we said above, knowing where it’s being played, in what weather conditions and the quality of the pitch will help. But also find out about the line-up of players, what the batting order is going to be, what the teams’ recent form is.

Second, make sure your bets are conservative and sensible. You may think that betting on the coin toss is a good idea because it’s a 50/50, but you’ll have to risk a lot of money to see any substantial returns. Instead, make sensible, informed bets on the markets we suggested above.


The above markets are ones that’ll be receptive to well-informed strategy. Overall, if you’re making the right type of bets, you’re doing your research about the match, and you’re being sensible, then you’re in with a good chance.

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