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A Tour of Lord’s Cricket Ground


There are certain things that a person looks forward to for their entire life and as the event approaches they worry that it will never match their long held expectations. This was how I felt about my visit and tour of Lord’s. Fortunately, despite my concerns, the grand old cricket ground didn’t disappoint.


Where are the Black Batsmen?


Since transformation and South Africa’s reintroduction to international cricket, much work has been put into developing Black African cricket. There are many different opinions on whether enough has been done and what the correct strategy should be. However, whatever the viewpoint, goodwill and resources have been devoted to this topic and yet the majority of cricketers are still products of the traditional White and Coloured cricketing communities. The relatively small number of Black African cricketers that are coming through are predominantly bowlers. What are the reasons for the lack of Black Batsmen?


Comeback Player of the Year


The “Comeback player of the Year” is an award for a player that through injury, loss of form or other reasons fell from the limelight only to return to prominence with a bang in 2007.