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The Return of the Duck – A Contrast in Fortunes

Guinness Glass

Lucky Eddie has finally left me in peace to watch a few hours of cricket. He’s getting on a bit in years now, and a couple of small shandies is about all it takes to render him non compost menthol. It’s been a while since we have spoken, but that’s not entirely my fault. He […]


Cricket’s Latest Heavyweight


New Zealand’s call-up of the aptly-named Jesse ‘Wider’ Ryder to their one-day squad to face England may have been a surprise to some, but he follows in the knee-deep footsteps of a number of players of equally epic proportions who have made a considerable impact on the game – and on the ground when they landed on it.


A Winter’s Tale


Sometimes I feel sorry for Eddie – not often, of course, but every now and again I’m really broken up for the poor old git. Winter time is a terrible time for him and he mopes around the house all day shivering, just waiting for the new cricket season to arrive.


The Devil Ducky is Alive!


Three things of great significance with regard to World Affairs happened this week.

In the first, the continued repercussions of the collapse of the American ‘sub-prime’ market caused Stock Exchanges from London to Beijing to hit the floor more times than the average chance heading in the general direction of Michael Clarke.