Aussie camp to build teamwork

Shane Warne said that during the four day camp in Queensland being held currently that the aim is to work on comraderie and teamwork.

Warne has flown to Australia to be involved in the bootcamp from his county side Hampshire and has revealed it is a “demanding experience”.

“It was pretty tough getting off the bus and going straight up the hill with those ‘Jerry’ cans, they were about 20 litres – pretty heavy,” Warne said.

Warne was doubting whether the camp was going to work or not but said teamwork and bonding are major things in cricket.

And on the subject on leaving the field in protest John Buchanan said it was ‘unfathomable’.

“We have never done it in the past and I can’t see any reason why would want to do it in the future,” Buchanan said from the Beerwah State Forest.

Buchanan said that his team plays aggressively but always try to play within the rules and the spirit of the game.

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