Ask The Spider #106

Have there been any ties in international T20?

Yes, there have been five so far – New Zealand vs West Indies at Auckland, Feb 2006; India vs Pakistan at Durban, Sep 2007; Canada vs Zimbabwe at King City, Oct 2008; New Zealand vs West Indies at Auckland, Dec 2008; New Zealand vs Australia at Christchurch, Feb 2010 (see also Q5).

What’s the largest victory margin by runs?

During the 2007 World Championship, Sri Lanka amassed 260 runs vs Kenya, winning by 172 runs. Sri Lanka’s total is also the highest ever recorded.

What’s the quickest victory in terms of balls faced?

Kenya were again on the wrong end of a pasting, New Zealand requiring only 46 balls (and 33 minutes) to reach their target of 74 in the same competition. New Zealand have the next quickest victory also, needing only 50 balls to overcome Bangladesh in February this year.

How many games have been won on the last ball of the match?

New Zealand once again are featured, having achieved a victory with the last ball of the match – in 2009, they broke Indian hearts with a single off the last ball which Rohit almost caught. Later the same year, Netherlands beat England with the last ball of a T20 World Championship group match when bowler Stuart Broad failed to hit the stumps from close range, the end of a nightmare over for Broad including three other missed run outs and a dropped catch.

What’s the lowest completed total in an international T20 match?

Kenya again has the ignominy of being the record holder, scoring only 67 against Ireland at Belfast in Aug 2008 during the ICC World T20 qualifiers. In rain-shortened matches, the lowest took place during the same tournament, Ireland scoring 43 for seven in nine overs, which total was narrowly missed by Bermuda’s reply, 41 for eight in their nine overs.

What’s the highest match aggregate?

In February of this year New Zealand and Australia combined for 428 runs at Christchurch, each scoring 214 runs in the most recent tie.

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