Asia to host 2011 World Cup

The joint Asian bid to host the 2011 World Cup has been successful, beating the Australia and New Zealand bid by ten votes to three

In a way the result comes as a slight surprise considering the unorganised nature of the Asian bid in the early stages of the campaign compared to the swift delivery of the rival bid. But when it was revealed earlier in the week that seven of the ten votes were required to take a victory in the vote, the four automatic votes of the Asian bid made it impossible that they could lose in the first round of voting.

The bid from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh was able to gain enough support from ICC member nations with a well-run campaign, one which could be described as the definition of perfectly-timed, to take a comfortable victory.

One consolation to the very disappointed cricket followers in Australia and New Zealand is that they are guaranteed to host the 2015 World Cup.

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