Ranking System Outlook


Can changes be made to the present WTC points table? This article looks at possible ways to make it more inclusive, especially for the lower-ranked sides.


Is English cricket set for a decade of decline?


Depressingly, the only thing that stopped India from winning the first Test at Trent Bridge was the Nottingham rain. The truth is, however, if this English summer wasn’t doing everything it could to impersonate the unsettled winter months, then England would be going into the second Test at Lord’s 1-0 down.


10 Fascinating Cricket Rules That You Need to Know


Cricket is one of the most popular sports globally, surpassed in total viewership only by football. Obviously, things would be very different without India, but it’s still a popular discipline in many other countries worldwide. It certainly is hard to dismiss its charm, but sometimes newcomers to the sport may feel baffled by some of its rules.


Cricket Captain 2021 Review


Cricket Captain 2021, the latest iteration of Childish Thing’s Cricket Captain series, bears a newer look on its face with the introduction of a new logo, a yellow helmet, which is also present on the game’s folder icon. There are newer features present in the game too- it boasts the addition of a ‘Super Over’ to the game (Unconfirmed reports suggest that the New Zealand parliament has taken a grim view of this development), allows the players to receive job offers from around the world and has made certain changes in its interface, like an updated database, Target RPO (T. RPO) being replaced with Estimated RPO (E. RPO), etc.