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Zimbabwe in CWLand

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Zimbabwe cometh...
[CW Oval] The ICC have released the upcoming schedule for the CW XI as Season 7 winds to a close. Rounding off the first ever home series for the Webheads, Zimbabwe will arrive in Australia on Tuesday 19th October and will feature in five (5) One Day Internationals.

Star legspinner, Neil Pickup will be rested for the series.

The schedule is attached.


Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
The notion of having Zimbabwe on tour here disgusts me. This tour implies support of the Mugabe government, his minions in the ZCU, the black racism, the torture and the general mismanagement of Zimbabwe.

Stop the tour! Ban the ZCU!

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
Could not agree more.

I'm also appalled at the board's action in "resting" me before I had the chance to decry the involvement of the Mugabe XI in this country's cricketing scene. I will not have any part in this tour and I call on every other CW player equipped with a functioning conscience to join in our stand.

See the signature.


International Captain
For goodness sakes, its a sim, can't we have a series where no political themes overshadow the cricket?

If this were real life, I'd see a point to it, but having Zimbabwe tour CWLand on the basis of a 'sim' doesn't effect Robert Mugabe or the International Community in anyway.

Some people on here just have a habit of getting too political.

A lot of you may disagree with me, but I prefer harmony and some top quality cricket on this board, rather then every single thread on this board being turned into a politically volatile one.

Sorry folks, but thats just me.


International Captain
Being a constant 12th man, and after having my best development league season yet I think I can be a chance too in this CW XI side, which I've been apart of for a long time.

But that's all upto Liam, Reuben and the selectors. Ive done the hard yards, paid my dues in Development League Cricket and its upto the selectors.

I'll be waiting with excitement and anticipation.


International Vice-Captain
what about dave mb?

he's had 89 wickets @ 25 which is 2nd highest in the competition, he's ranked 4th best overall out of all the teams, 2nd best in cw. and he cant get into the team. there you are sooking about playing ur heart out and the sob story...

hehe just eat some pies, give the selectors some of ur home brew then u're in


International Debutant
Cheers for the support Ian, Just realised this tour is ODI's - thats where i am completely and utterly useless. 5-0-38-0 are the numbers people arn't going to forget for a while me thinks.

Anyway I still hope AMZ gets a shot. Myself, along with Reds are sure rootin for ya mate!