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Worst teams at the world cup?

Worst teams at the world cup?

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I was gona vote Canada, but their bowling/fielding is actually pretty impressive, but yes they need to work on their batting a lot. I think by far kenya has been the worst team, which is dissapointing considering how good they were in 1996 worldcup


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I hope the mods close this thread - I think it is negative and is bad for Bangers, Kenyan, and Canadian fans to read...I spent some time playing in Canada and they try hard to grow their game there but they are largely amateur players at least when I was there last. How can they be expecting to compete against pros but they love their cricket. It is an important part of the expat culture over there. And there is actually a Canadian brand of cricket. I met players from all over the world playing there. Kiwis play in a certain way, Aussies like to sledge, English are very sporting etc - and Canadians are quite positive in the way they play the game. They may not be at future world cups but don't mock them for getting thrashed I am sure the guys feel mighty embarrassed after each loss.

close thread...


International 12th Man
I think they can cope with a negative thread or two. It is actually respectful in a way that they can have critical threads just like the better sides. And they can console themselves that they at least made the world cup.

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
This thread wouldn't even make the top 200 most offensive threads on CW. No problem with it at all.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Kenya. Bangladesh are actually a good side who are just underachieving and Canada have shown some determination.