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World Cricket League


Cricket Spectator
Hello cricket fans,

Tried to get in on the act in the World Club Cricket, did the sign up thing on the website but I'm feeling lonely as nowt has happened!

Anyway, point of the thread was an old cricket pbm (yes - i said old) named The World Cricket League within which I managed a couple of teams before the game folded in 1997.

In comparison to current cricket pbem's it seemed a whole lot more realistic with batting and bowling ratings based entirely on the players real life abilities and form. The league included virtually all the first class cricket clubs from around the world and had a footbal style transfer market.

Yes it was simple but it was good fun. If anyone knows of any similar PBEM's that currently run or anyone actually remembers The World Cricket League please reply.

Else I may still be lonely!


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bluespottyzebra said:
Hello cricket fans,

Tried to get in on the act in the World Club Cricket, did the sign up thing on the website but I'm feeling lonely as nowt has happened!

there is quite a long waiting list for a good reason

Mr. P

International Vice-Captain
Mate you have to be in it to know how good it is. Don't pass judgements unless you have had the experience in this PBeM. In everyones opinion here @ WCC and of the WCC academys opinion and the 20-odd waiting lists opinion, this is the best around. Actually thats the first time ive realised how many are involved in this. Further credit to blewy...:)


Cricket Spectator
Well, I may not have to take everyone's word for it as I've heard from 'the board' that I may get into the academy!

we'll see how it goes.


International Captain
Must be Simon's favouritism shwoign through again :p

Thank God I'm not on teh academy waiting list 'ey Simon! :D

Seriously I think it's because the board are trying to see who is interested, the quickest to reply to an e-mail will be given spots becuase alot of them hasve lost interest etc.


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basically we are looking at 14 academy teams this season and its likely everyone on the waiting list still interested will be given one of those sides....


Cricket Spectator
Back to my original comments, yep I haven't played the game yet but things I have noticed are that players are selected based on batting or bowling averages, players move about all over the shop between teams and there's no cash!

Its surely more fun if managers have to find out for themselves who's good and who's not when it comes to batting and bowling based on performance in the real word, not just statistics.

I like domestic teams to be representative of their nationalities and current real life line ups. Yes players can get transfered but not at the rate that seems to happen in World Club Cricket with drafts etc.

In game Cash helps for transfers to judge the respective value of players and rewards success.

Please don't think I'm criticising, I'm looking at the game as an outsider who hasn't played it and I probably will chnage my views once I get into it but I'm thinking of my 'dream' cricket sim, which would be a mirror of the real world.

thanks for reading

A hopeful England fan for the ashes!