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Why do you love the game?

Why do you love the game?

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Hall of Fame Member
Cricket is just so easy to be infatuated with and I have a very obsessive personality. The history, the stats, the comparisons, the what ifs . It all makes for great trivia. I could tell you how the highest test score record progressed over time starting with the first triple century off the top of my head. And all the men of the match in CWC finals. Of course, I love watching the game too and that is foremost.


International Coach
The fact that many fat men and short men have had great cricketing careers shows how much this sport is about skill and guile rather than mere athleticism. Hence the love.

Anyway, forum members here don't need to explain to each other why we love the sport. We just know it. We know what all other feel too. As obvious as why you love your baby.