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Which team are you supporting deep into the tournament?

Which team are you supporting?

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Global Moderator
England. oh.

I may not understand or like your sport, but you ****s are beating us in the cricket atm so I'll take my laughs where I can


International Debutant
I have a soft spot for Dutch team but they aren't playing the most attractive type of football.

I hope Ghana do well.... would love to see them in Semi-final.


Global Moderator
Netherlands, not quite playing the champagne style of football they are famous for, but have supported them in the past 2 editions and Robben is so smexxi, him in form is hotter than Megan fox strip dancing on Jupiter's hot spot.


Norwood's on Fire
Believe me, I have a lot of love inside but I'll be cold inside the muddy ground before I give any of it to Argentina


Hall of Fame Member
Hmm, got to be honest, Im not a big fan of thowing support behind different teams. I support England (and to a certain extent the US) and there are teams that I despise (see Argentina)

So now England and the US are out, Im not about to start picking new teams to get behind. I support England. England are out. So now I am not supporting anyone and it is ABA for me. The idea of supporting a different team each round after your team goes out just seems kind of unseemly to me.
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International Regular
1) Anyone playing Germany
2) Anyone playing Argentina
3) Anyone playing Spain
4) Anyone playing Portugal

Not overly fussed otherwise.
Interesting game coming up for you then. 0-0, Japan given a bye into the semi-final as FIFA are convinced that Iberia is Xhosa for "The pits of hell"?


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I'm a massive glory-hunter when it comes to international football. I vacillate between supporting the team with the most attractive style of play (Spain), the team playing a dynamic, fearless brand of football without too many big stars (Germany, Russia at Euro 2008) and teams that I traditionally always support (Argentina).. yeah, I know there isn't much left over.

Don't want anyone from the Brazil-Holland (both surprisingly boring) and Uruguay-Ghana half to win it.
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Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Supporting Spain. Just a casual follower of football and wouldn't be able to distinguish between a good and a great player. Saw the re-telecast of a spanish match when the wc was being promoted and loved the way every player in their team did tricks with their feet. They play with a lot of flair and consistently try to attack which I liked. Big fan of Xavi, Villa, Xabi Alonso, Torres, Puyol, Casillas.

So when I cut all the bull**** and just say who I support, its Spain.


International Coach
I support Spain because BB says they're the Indian equivalent in football.

PS: Die Holland die!

Lillian Thomson

International Coach
I shall be routing for Paraguay and their attempt to progress through the knock-out stages without scoring a goal.
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