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What would a combined Eng+Aus 11 look like?


International Coach
Well I couldn't have picked that one before I opened this thread....:laugh:

You are flame-baiting so much it really isn't funny.


flintoff would get in ahead of katich probably, and harmison in place of gillespie or lee.

Barney Rubble

International Coach
sledger said:
flintoff would get in ahead of katich probably, and harmison in place of gillespie or lee.
Pietersen ahead of Clarke IMO, too.

For anyone who thinks otherwise, a hundred quid says KP ends up with the better Test record. :p

Barney Rubble

International Coach
superkingdave said:
a combined aus-eng XI would be really ugly imo, especially if they combined hoggard with gillespie
Hoggespie would look horrible. McGrarmison wouldn't look too hot either, as would Haydothick and Flatich ( :D couldn't resist using that one).

We're lucky Rob Key's not playing!


School Boy/Girl Captain


Shane Warne said:
Based on?

Katich batting ave - 44.15 Bowling 32.36.

Flintoff batting ave - 31.57 Bowling 33.65.
are you implying that katich is a better bowler than flintoff?

because that is ridiculous.


International Coach
Mmm-mmmm, KP at 5, Gilchrist at 7 and Freddie at 8. Runs galore and quick.

Think mine would look exactly the same as yours. If Thorpe was here, I'd be struggling to separate him and Katich but that's immaterial I guess. :(
sledger said:
flintoff would also add variation to the batting if picked ahead of katich.
By variation do you mean, less consistency and more likely to make less runs?

That's a great attribute he brings to the table I must say.

How about we bring in Graham Hick for some variable batting.

Australia have a better version of Flintoffs batting in Gilchrist, no need for a poor mans version.