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What are your chances of being alive in March 2077?

Lillian Thomson

International Coach
200th anniversary of Test Cricket. Mine are slim but not impossible, and with advances in medical science life expectancy is going up.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Somewhere around 50/50. Could be higher than that, but I don't really take good care of myself so


Hall of Fame Member
Depends on where you live. I think the majority of earth will be inhabitable, but there may be parts closer to the equator which for one reason or another are not.
sounds promising, cricket might be free of the toxic Indian influence then

not srs, <3 my Indian brothers


likes this
I'll be alive assuming I haven't been killed by global warming/the CCP/world war 3/random meteor strike/sport or travel related accident


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I'll be getting myself cryogenically frozen around 2050, so I will technically be dead in 2077 but if things go well, I'll be awake in 2200 in some space station. First thing I'll do is log onto CW.


International Coach
Would be 91, so it's possible but not likely given I have a pretty crap diet and smoke a bit.

tony p

School Boy/Girl Captain
i will be 110, so i will be in a wheelchair or life support if i'm still breathing.

let's hope the umpiring is better.


International Debutant
I will be 94 then. Heck no, I will be dead years before that and you stop counting age from that point.