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Actually, scratch that. Seems to be working ok now, which is good. But the downside is I have no idea why.

Did receive a message our network wasn’t working this morning for a while, but it’s up and going now and CW seems to be loading as well


Cricket Web Owner
I've also increased the space between the post content and the signature content (to 25px) - let me know if you think that does it or want more space.


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Can you do afull screen-shot please? I don't believe this is coming from CW, and never seen it myself. Is anyone else getting it?
People outside Europe won't see it generally, it's the GDPR compliance thing that we have all gotten used to. Every website is required to get you to agree to its use of your data in some way. Usually, you can save these settings on most browsers and it's not a problem after the initial 'i accept', and this was working on the CW initially until yesterday.

Yesterday it started showing up every time I opened a CW page (which is obviously a very annoying way to browse CW) so I have temporarily solved the issue using my VPN which makes me appear to be posting from another country, but I'd rather not keep having to do this for security reasons.


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...And I've just turned the VPN off and it's not happening any more. Weird.

Anyway I'll let you know if it gets messed up again.