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Was Prosper Utseya the greatest ODI bowler of all time?


State Vice-Captain
I met a dreadlocked Zimbabwean called Prosper once. He worked with my housemate. She brought him home after after-work drinks one Friday night and when she introduced him as Prosper I immediately went "like Prosper Utseya?" and he said, "whooaa, you've heard of Prosper Utseya?" And then we chatted cricket for a little while my housemate watched us looking bemused and a touch left out. And he suddenly said, "But no, I'm not Prosper Utseya" and turned to her and did a point-and-click and went, "But I can be just for one night!" :naughty:

They then went off to her room and ****ed so it must have done the trick.

That is quality