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Urgent Question

cover drive man

International Captain
What beer do they serve at old Trafford and how much a pint is it? I'm going the roses Friday and I'm wondering whether it's worth a few bevvies (which I'll almost certainly say yes provided they don't serve pints pf piss or carling) during the game and how much money I'll need. Much obliged x


International Coach
Last time I was there in The Point, it was Thwaites, some half decent larger (think it was Kronenbourg, cant remember), some gunk like Fosters, Guinness (I think) and Sotherbys cider. The cider went down a treat TBF, will be the best call if Friday is hot, defo.Was looking about £3.80 - £4 a pint IIRC, though were talking function room prices there.I'd be half tempted to go on Friday, but I'm best man at a wedding on Sat, so the groom is getting me to help him with all the last minute panic stuff he has to do (like buy a shirt, that was todays job......)


Eyes not spreadsheets
When I've been there for Tests there's always been a real ale bar. Reasonably priced as well from what I remember.