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Two Consecutive Test Innings Of Over 1000!!!!!

a massive zebra

International Vice-Captain
Good spot, Graham Charles made his Test debut and kept for them throughout the series despite not actually being a recognised keeper!!!


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State Vice-Captain
that is impressive. My highest score was in a county match with yorkshire when tendulkar cracked 476. mcgrath hit a ton and all in all i got to about 700

a massive zebra

International Vice-Captain
Graham said:
Both tests drawn though. A bit of a waste just to get the big scores!
I'd already won two of the first three matches, both by an innings, so as long as I didn't lose the remaining matches a win didn't matter in the slightest.


You'll Never Walk Alone
squiz said:
wow Pyemont 600*, thats a decent score

I havent got a 1000 innings once
Haha, only decent? :p

And I`ve never got 1000 or over in an International innings.


International Regular
beats my best ever score of 543* which was also in a test match, i've probaly done that before with my team of allrounders but don't have any screenshots on hand...

a massive zebra

International Vice-Captain
age_master said:
the first they were going at 3.8 per over, thats pertty quick
Most of them were on 2 bars when they first came in, moving up to three bars when set. However, when Pyemont got to 250 I kept moving his aggression up and when he got to 350 it was on full. His 600 came off about 700 balls with about 66 fours and a six.


Hall of Fame Member
my highest is 1382 i think, not sure if i declared that one or not. i think i might have after the batsmen got out for 500